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Controllers for honey production machines

Beekeepers need special equipment for honey production. The controllers have to be watertight and freely programmable at a very low cost

Our client – a producer of honey equipment – has ordered special controllers for their honey extractors presses and mixers. We have used our microcontroller boards of the ET-Sp20 type and stricker keyboards.

On the board of the ET-Sp20 is a microcontroller with components that make it possible to control external equipment and which also make it possible to use it as a simple human-machine interface. The waterproof sticker keyboard has four pushbuttons, which are used for setting parameters, choosing user programs, and operating the machine according to special programs.

The analogue-digital I/O extension board and two-channel temperature controller for the Pt100/Pt1000 are also both available.

Control assembly of honey extractor.

Microcontroller board ET-Sp20.