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We Have a Great History

Our company was established in 1992 by the same man who runs it today. Thanks to his solid lead we have survived different ups and downs and have gained varying levels of experience from hundreds of projects, covering everything from electronics for trams to robot control systems. 

Our CEO, Mr Jüri Joller, is a chartered electrical engineer with a DSc. Thanks to his background in power electronics we can provide cooperation to one of the strongest Estonian universities. We have other high-level creative engineers as well, people who have been working both for the university and for us. 

Our electrical engineering and programming pioneers are always looking far ahead, providing innovative and reliable movement and power control solutions. 

Our quality management system is certified according to the ISO 9001 standard. We work together with carefully selected suppliers and subcontractors who can provide us with quality products, services, and technical support. 

Although our company is small, some of its clients are world famous innovation leaders. For example, Cleveron AS has developed several pickup robots in cooperation with us. They are selling them worldwide. Walmart in the USA alone has about 1,600 pickup robots.

Our team is ready to take down your requirements and complete your order.

ET-EX Machina provides custom electronics and automation



Jüri Joller

Chartered Electrical Engineer, D.Sc., CEO


Inge Tomson-Parv

Deputy Manager

Phone: +372 655 1312

Mobile: +372 5981 4994



Sixten Sepp

Electrical Engineer


Dmitri Tihhomirov

Electrical Engineer


Kristiina Tramberg

Marketing and communication manager

Mobile: +372 558 2527