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Temperature controller and logger for a carbon fibre press

Compression moulding for high-performance carbon fibre reinforced composite products needs precise heating and pressure control. The process has to be logged for quality control purposes in the aerospace or car industry.

Any producer of carbon fibre products needs a special temperature controller for multiple heating elements and temperature sensors with PWM control and data logging capabilities. The heating process had multiple temperature stages with predefined ramps. The heating power control has been carried out with solid state switches.

The set which includes a multi-channel temperature controller and data logger is available with pre-programmed HMI, PLC, Ethernet, and control over a smart phone app. The programs and process pictures can easily be changed according to a client’s individual requirements. The set can be ordered as separate cabinet or loose for integration into an existing system.

Applications: production technology processes, plastic industry, air conditioning, cooling, heating, ventilation.


Mould temperature control process picture on the user interface.

The main screen of the temperature controller for auto-tuning and data logging.