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The wire harnesses can suffer from incorrect connections due to connection errors, or to insulation or conductor faults. Product quality needs to be perfect. Manual testing is time-consuming, less reliable and traceable compared to an automatic tester.

Automatic harness tester CaTs16 is designed for the automatic connection testing of electrical appliances and wire harnesses. The tester can be used for the automatic testing of wire harnesses with up to sixteen connection points.


  • Very fast automatic testing – less than one second
  • Accurate and reliable detection of connection faults
  • A connection test with a 5mA current
  • Insulation test with a 10V voltage
  • Simple changing of the connection table – no need for any programming knowledge
  • A cost-effective solution, primarily for small producers of machines and apparatuses

The CaTs16 automatic cable harness tester.

The harness tester comprises the main unit and the test adapters. The optional test adapters have to be designed and manufactured according to the connections and terminals that are on the harness that is to be tested. The adapters are connected to the main unit by connectors and highly flexible cables. The power supply has been arranged with a separate power adapter (included in the delivery).


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