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The special IGBT modulator was needed to produce primary voltage pulses at 1kV, 500A, at 15kHz for a novel dry-type transformer and rectifier, which had to emit 10kV pulses with a total power of up to 0.5MW.

The European Spallation Source or ESS (spallation being a process in which fragments of material are ejected from the body due to impact or stress) is a Sweden-based proton accelerator. It is set to start operating in 2019. Due to the large-scale and advanced technical design of the accelerator project there are many partners around the world who are helping with the development process. One of those partners is Tallinn University of Technology. ET-EX Machina won the national procurement contest to develop and build a high voltage power source for the pulse transformer being used in the ESS. The test transformer emits 10kV impulses with a power output of up to 0.5MW at 40kV potential.


Assembly of the high voltage rectifier module.

The IGBT modulator; 1kV, 500A, 15kHz.