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European harmonised standards in the form of EN 60335-1 require product testing at rated, minimum, and maximum voltages and frequencies which require a special sinusoidal power supply.

In 2015 we were commissioned by a client to design and build a galvanically-isolated 6kW power supply with an easily adjustable output voltage and frequency. This was used for type testing of the company’s products at various sinusoidal voltages at 50-60Hz. The power supply was later modified for higher power ratings.

The special power supply also turned out to be useful for other clients. Also added were precise output power measurement, voltage stabilisation, and smart HMI panel with remote control and supervision over Ethernet and a smart phone app. Due to excellent output stability the same converter can be used as a voltage stabiliser with flexible signalisation programming options.

The AC sources are based on industrial low voltage components and are available up to the MW power range.

Sinusoidal voltage source with adjustable frequency.