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Controller board with user interface ET-OLED

  • Accurate temperature measurement and control – 4 channels with two thermo-couples and two resistance thermometers (RTDs) with resolution of 0.03 °C.
  • Control of frequency converters and servodrives over Modbus, analog or digital outputs. 
  • Extended temperature range -40 °C to 70 °C.


Control of centrifuges, ovens, presses, food processing, packaging machines, cleaning systems, washing machines, wood refining machines, compressors, scales, office machines, power converters, heating, cooling, testing and measuring devices with two thermocouples and/or two resistance thermometers (RTDs) etc. The ETOLED is especially suitable for series production of price sensitive products that require accurate and fast temperature measurements and control, control of frequency converters or servodrives over Modbus, analog or digital outputs.


  1. Compactness
    ET-OLED is suitable for smaller or portable machinery where a compact solution is necessary. The ET-OLED (size 86 x 86 x 20 mm) can be a substitute for several PLC
    modules while still retaining all the required functionality at a fraction of the size.
  2. Cost-effectiveness
    The functionality that is not required by the client can be reduced to further reduce the cost of the PCB by using only the necessary components. The universal solution with maximum features is therefore suitable for various industries and products.
  3. Tailored for your application
    The hard- and software of ET-OLED will be tailored according to your requirements. The front panel sticker can be designed according to your wishes. ET-OLED is available also in 96 x 96 mm DIN enclosure to reduce assembly costs.


Micro-controllerMicrochip Atmel ATSAM4SD16B 32-bit with powerful features fully accessible
Programming languagefreely programmable in C language
MemoryFLASH memory for permanently saving user settings and parameters during operation. Default settings can be restored if necessary. Part of RAM is buffered by lithium battery on board. The process can continue after power outage.
Displayclear green graphic 128 x 64 pixel OLED screen with adjustable brightness
Keyboard4 buttons on board or sticker keyboard with buttons or rotary encoder for easier setup
Audioprogrammable sound signals to indicate faults or operation status
Clock-calendar real time clock-calendar with lithium battery backup allow to continue timely control in spite of possible power outages
Programming interfaceJTAG and serial port for PC connection for programming/debugging and logging
Data connectionRS485 Modbus for data exchange with master or slave device as frequency converter; SPI expansion pins for an extension board
Connectorsremovable spring connectors for fast and reliable installation and removal
Supply voltage 15 – 28 VDC
Digital inputs6, 24 VDC optically isolated; 6 NPN/PNP or 3 PNP + 3 NPN
Digital outputs6 NPN, 300 mA, optically isolated 1 kV, including 4 PWM outputs (can be configured)
Analogue inputs2 (0 – 10 V)
Analogue outputs2 (0 – 10 V)
Protection panel mount with sticker front panel: IPX5; backside IP00; DIN 96 x 96 enclosure
Operating temperature:-40 °C…+70 °C (battery discharge temperature -20 °C…+70 °C)
Humidity:no condensation; conformal coating available on request


  1. Display of temperatures from all thermocouple and RTD inputs.
  2. Temperature controller configurable from the screen with transistor output to electromagnetic or solid state relays.
  3. Modbus master to control slave devices like HMIs, variable frequency drives and other.
  4. Multiple configurable inputs and outputs to suit all requirements.
  5. The micro-controller can be programmed according to your requirements.
  6. The buzzer can be programmed to indicate faults or important steps in the program.
  7. Four button interface is simple and easy to learn. A single rotary switch version is available with an even more intuitive and faster navigation within menus.

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